09 May 2014

Feedback part 3

I have finished all the gradesheets and have posted them to the normal location for your download.

Thank you all for a great course. I feel I learned a lot from you all.

08 May 2014

Feedback, part 2

One of your peers mentioned in the final paper that another faculty member always graded things in an alphabetical order so that folks whose last names began with letters near the end of the alphabet always got their papers back later than did folks whose last names began with letters nearer the start.

It made me realize that I did the same thing. So this time I tried to do the work in reverse. I had already turned in the grades and had a set of notes I had taken as I read your module 3 reports and your final reports. But those notes were not the same thing as feedback, so I needed to write them out to you all.

To date, I have completed the feedback papers for 27 of the 36 of you all nd have posted them to the normal location.

So nine of you all (nine of you all whose last names are nearer to the start of the alphabet) will not yet have your feedback done. I need to get away from the laptop for a while, so I will have to finish up the final nine tomorrow morning. Additionally, I will be in my office on Friday from 0800-1400 in case the written feedback prompts more questions than it answers.

But, as I said earlier, I was impressed with the quality and depth of work you all put in. My hope had been that you all learned something and then applied it, and you certainly did.

06 May 2014

My intention to get you some feedback by today has taken a backseat to getting my laptop fixed

I struggled all semester with a balky laptop and today's blue screen of death was the last straw. It is now winging its way back to the manufacturer for needed repair.

I have a backup and my backup plan is to have your feedback done by Thursday.

05 May 2014

Your grades have been posted to Connect Carolina ...

... but I am still working on the comments to your gradesheets. I expect to finish them on Tuesday and will post a note saying they are ready for download from the normal location.

But to speak to you all as a group, I was impressed by your final submissions. If my hope for this class was that you all would pay attention and absorb the key points about information science, that hope was satisfied. You all did well.

Some clearly did better than others, some chose a higher risk strategy to satisfy the task, but all of you showed thoughtfulness and understanding.

Thank you all for being such a good group. And if you see one of your peers as you go through your day, thank that person for contributing to your semester. They deserve it.

26 April 2014

In response to a follow on question.

The discussion on Thursday came to the conclusion that we would be very flexible. You are to answer the three questions in any format you wish. You may come to the final with the questions answered and we will just then check to be sure it is all in order at that time.

Or you may do it during the final exam period.

I will be looking at your responses to see if you can back up what you say with examples from what we covered, but the "why" of why a topic is important goes beyond what we had in class and should reflect your thoughtful consideration of the topic and of your worlds.

24 April 2014

Preparations for the final exam in INLS101-002

Chloe Karlovich asked that I send you all an email, so here it is.

For the final exam, come to class on Friday, 02 May with a product that answers three questions:

  1. what is the number one thing you should know about the foundations of information science and why
  2. add in what is the second thing you should know about the foundations of information science and why again
  3. add in the third thing you should know about the foundations of information science and why again

You may use any format you wish (a standard paper, a powerpoint presentation, a prezi presentation, a movie, anything). The key, however, is that the "why" of your product should show me that you understand what we talked about in INLS101 by using examples we used and terminology that is used in the field.

We will not review them during the final exam session, but I need to be assured that I have what you intended for me to have before I release you from the exam session.